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UCM Education team is refreshed and energised after key sales training

Compassion, excellent relationship-building skills, and a clever approach to problem solving are a few of the qualities UCM Education look for in its recruitment consultants. These traits are complemented with targeted staff training at UCM Education, to give the best possible service to our school clients and teaching staff candidates.

What better time to re-boot our UCM Education staff, after a period of uncertainty and furlough, than now with that ‘back-to-school’ feeling in the air?

UCM Education recruitment staff gathered in central London for a two-day training session on key sales skills last week. The training has had an immediate impact on confidence, energy and enthusiasm, having a positive knock-on effect on our schools and job candidates.

The focus on softer sales skills was paired with sector-specific training on a structured approach to finding candidates the best position, benefiting everyone involved in the process. There was also a healthy mix of team-building exercises and other recruitment skills that add to the company ethos of constant learning and development to offer the best possible service.

Each member of staff learnt something new from this important training session, whether they were a new member of staff, or a seasoned recruiter.

After the training session I felt excited to go back into the office and use the skills I had learnt. The training was fun and motivating, re-igniting my enthusiasm as a recruiter.

Charm Dube, Recruitment Consultant

Due to the Corona virus I have not worked in a recruitment role for several months. However, my new role at UCM Education started a few weeks ago and this training session has been excellent at refreshing my knowledge and giving me confidence ready for the school return in September.

Jonelle Telles, Recruitment Consultant

I have especially liked the team building element of this training. It has been really positive bringing together the London and the Liverpool office, making me feel very much part of the team.

Connie Chapman, Recruitment Consultant

We did an exercise as part of the training where we had to remember our favourite teacher and the impact that it had on us. It really brought to the forefront the importance of doing our job well, recruiting the right teacher for the job, and the impact a great teacher can have on every pupil.

Nathan Longe, Recruitment Consultant

This two-day training session had an important impact on the recruitment staff at UCM Education, building important skills that they can bring to their role in finding you your perfect new teaching role. A renewed energy, honed recruitment skills, and simply remembering the importance of the role they carry out each day, have left the team raring to go for September.

There are plenty of September-start roles available right now. Check out our jobs board or contact one of our friendly consultants today.

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